Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Thing #265--Toilet Paper Origami

Most days, I'm the first person into work after the cleaning staff has been there. When I go into the bathrooms, the floors are clean, the sinks gleam, and the end of each roll of toilet paper is folded into a triangle, which always make me feel special. I wanted to spread the good karma, so today I folded the end of the toilet paper into a triangle at home and at work.

I started out by doing the rolls in the house. Although the basement bathroom generally doesn't get used any more, I did it anyway. Someone will eventually use it and feel first-classed.

The job only took a couple of minutes. I folded the last square on each roll on both diagonals to make a nice pointed triangle. I pressed the seams down so they wouldn't come undone, then made sure the end of the roll was positioned so the weight of the paper held the triangle in place.

As usual, the rolls in the bathrooms at work were already done. This special touch is a relatively recent occurrence; I think someone new is doing the cleaning. I'm glad the person takes such pride in their job.

As I was closing up at the end of the day, I re-folded the ends of the toilet paper so the people who are there tonight can appreciate it too.


  1. Don't know if you ever see a programme called Emmerdale in the US, but recently (at the police social event of the dales) a character stood up and gave a talk on how to fold toilet paper into a pointy end..

    When I read this post of yours it reminded me of that programme.

    Nice to take such pride, over in the UK it is usually only the really posh hotels that do it.

  2. You're awfully thoughtful, I have to say that! :)

  3. I like when I go to a hotel and they do this. I've never done it at home. I must say though - I'm a bit upset @ the overhand hang on the clip art toilet paper roll! That's not proper...it's one of my neurotic pet peeves...I will correct it no matter which bathroom I'm in...