Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Thing #270--Appreciation

I've referred to the wikiHow site several times over the course of this project. When I was completing yesterday's Thing, I noticed for the first time that the authors of the article were listed at the bottom. There were four authors listed--Sondra C, Anonymous, Rob S, and Chris Hadley. Right above their names were several options, one of which was to thank them for their work. Today I sent a message and thanked the authors of a wikiHow article.

According to the "thank you" page..."Countless editors volunteer their time to create this free how-to manual, so your positive feedback is greatly appreciated!" It went on to say that the area was only for positive remarks; any questions or constructive criticism should be sent elsewhere, so the article could be improved.

The note I composed will be sent to each of the authors on their 'kudos' page, and they will each receive my message of thanks. From now on I'll try to acknowledge the authors of any of the articles I use.


  1. I've never noticed a thank you! I use Wikihow all the time...I feel I should say thank you!

  2. I've never noticed that either! I'll have to look out for it next time.

  3. Hi Kathy, I just dropped by to let you know that you can most certainly add me to your blog roll, and to let you know that I have added you too.
    And then I came across this appreciation post of yours - I have just written a thank you letter too - but mine way to my old headmistress. I think any thank you letter feels good to both write and receive!