Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Thing #274--Forting

We had the couches cleaned yesterday. When the technicians were done, they leaned each couch's cushions against each other in a kind of tripod. The arrangement reminded me of a fort. I hadn't thought about fort-making for years. When the boys were young they would use every blanket in the house to make elaborate "habitats". In their honor today I made a fort under the coffee table in the family room.

My fort only took about 30 seconds to make, because I just threw an old tablecloth over the coffee table. It ended up being more like a one-person backpacking tent than a fort. I had to back in and slither out.

I started with my head and body inside my creation; it was quite cozy. The opaque tablecloth made the area dim but not dark. However, I wanted to read the newspaper and there wasn't enough light under the table, so I ended up sticking my head out. Tony was in the room flipping back and forth between two different football games (Texas vs Oklahoma and Illinois vs Minnesota), so I half-watched those too.

(In case you were wondering, the cushions aren't how the cleaners left them. I picked them up this morning to see how dry they were, and I obviously missed the seminar in cushion-arranging.)

We still have fans running to dry the couches out. The cats were fascinated by the way the cloth covering the coffee table flapped in the breeze. I thought maybe I'd have a visitor under the cover with me, but they weren't brave enough to come in.


  1. in response to your post yesterday: my SIL and BIL took all the money they got at their wedding reception (apparently it was a lot), put it on the bed at their honeymoon suite and...you know.

  2. I so misread the title of this post...

  3. Hi Kathy! I did a correction in my comments field. It is the anniversery of his birth, NOT death, so thanks so much for the note.

    And digging the blog! I've given Sabuda books as gifts before, and we ply fort and "King of the Mountain" (giant couch pillow pile) on a regular a basis at my house. Fun! Shannon

  4. Your one cat seems a little unnerved by all of the goings on...

    As much as I love cats, I think I like it even more when they lose their cool and become a bit freaked out...

  5. My dog and his girlfriend seem to think the area under our table (with the tablecloth is a fort.) I end up having to give the tablecloth and extra washing whenever she comes over!