Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Thing #275--Off The Leash

Today was another beautiful, above-average temperature day in our area. I was taking a walk this afternoon when I saw something lying on the sidewalk. I walked past it, but then I stopped, backed up, and took a better look. It was a piece of cotton webbing about six feet long, dirty, and with frayed ends. It looked like it could have been a dog leash (but without the metal end and hand strap). I decided to carry it with me on the way home; today I played with a length of webbing while walking down the street.

The things I did:
  • Dragged it along the sidewalk and through the grass (which made me feel like I was five years old again)
  • Twirled it over my head (this was easier when I doubled the webbing)
  • Whipped it back and forth (also easier when it was doubled)
  • Folded it multiple times to make it very stiff and ran the ends across a fence as I walked by
  • Used it as a sling to pick a worm up off the sidewalk and deposit it in the grass
  • Stood still and twirled so it wrapped around my body. I only did this once; I almost tripped and fell on my face when my feet got tangled in the webbing!
It took me about 20 minutes to get home. The extra exertion of all these activities raised my heart rate, so my walk became more aerobic. I said hello to an acquaintance who was working in their yard; they wanted to know where my dog was if I was carrying a leash?

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