Friday, October 10, 2008

New Thing #273--No Applause, Just Throw Money

The charity fundraiser that I helped Tony with last weekend is divided into two parts (because of staffing issues) and continues this weekend. Tony is actually a store captain this weekend; one of his duties is collecting the donations at the end of each shift and turning them in to the chairman of the drive. He graciously allowed me to fulfill a long-standing desire when he let me to use his donations to throw a bunch of paper money in the air.

After several hours of the drive, the scrunched-up bills filled a plastic grocery bag a little less than halfway. Instead of smoothing the money out and stacking it in preparation for counting it, Tony dumped the money on the kitchen table where we admired it for a minute. I started by picking up two big handfuls or currency and throwing it straight towards the ceiling. It was beautiful to see it fluttering down to the floor. Tony did the same thing, then picked up a handful of bills and threw them AT me! Of course I had to reciprocate, and we had about thirty seconds of bedlam before we were done.

The money landed on the table, under the table, and covered a good portion of the floor. We each took a side of the room and started picking up the mess.

This was the most fun I've had all week!


  1. For one of my things I wanted to roll around on a bed covered with [paper] money. Joseph's parents gave him a significant chunk of change [we paid for their holiday, they paid us back], but because the money literally wouldn't fit in Joseph's wallet we didn't feel comfortable carrying it around all day...we were close to a bank machine so we deposited it...

    Unless I take the money out of my own account I don't think I will get to do this one.

  2. Sounds like you and Tony really enjoyed yourselves with that task...

  3. Sydney, I realized a month or so ago that Tony was going to be doing this job, so I planned the activity specifically for this weekend. Otherwise, I don't think I would have done it.