Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Thing #268--A Good Deed

Tony belongs to a fraternal organization that's having their annual charity fundraiser this weekend. I was helping out by doing a shift at one of the local grocery stores this afternoon; this involved standing in the lobby near the entrance to the store, collecting anything that people cared to give, and offering them a piece of candy in return.

A woman came into the store, got into one of the electric grocery carts, and left to do her shopping. When she came out with her grocery bags in the basket of the cart, we had a short conversation as she was "parking" the cart next to where I was standing. She left with another person, but ten minutes later she was back. I jokingly asked her if she'd forgotten to buy something. She looked upset and said she'd lost her bracelet somewhere while she was shopping. Today I helped a stranger look for a missing piece of jewelry.

Unfortunately, the bracelet wasn't anywhere around the cart she'd used. Because she couldn't bend over well, I stooped down to look under the wheels of the cart, and checked the seat and footrests. Nothing. She went to the Service Center to see if someone had found it and turned it in, but she was pessimistic about the prospects, saying "I'm sure someone's taken it and it's long gone." I tried to cheer her up by telling her that I would certainly turn it in if I found it.

A couple of minutes later she came out empty-handed. I hope the store took her name and number in case the bracelet is turned in later.


  1. You've never done anything nice before? Just kidding. I hope her bracelet turns up.

  2. That must be awful, even if it were worth nothing it will hold precious memories for her. Hope it turns up.