Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Thing #256--Tattoo You

I will NEVER get a tattoo. I just don't see the point. No one in my social circle has one either (or if they do it's on a part of their body that never shows!). I can't imagine what my children would say if I came in sporting fresh ink.

However, one of the things I thought would be fun to do this year is get a henna tattoo. A month's commitment, but then it fades away. I realized yesterday, however, that I was running out of time. Cold weather will be coming soon, and whatever I'd put on my skin wouldn't be visible. What's the use of doing it if people wouldn't see it?

I don't even know of any place close to me where I could get a henna tattoo, so today I moved even farther down the permanence chain and I applied a temporary tattoo to my ankle.

I went to my local drug store to see if I could find what I needed. Since it's coming up on Halloween, they had a display in the cosmetics section that included false eyelashes, body paint, and packages of "body art". I did a little more searching and found a less expensive package of "Realistic Tattoos" in the costume aisle. The designs weren't quite as sophisticated, but were acceptable for my purposes.

Here's the design on my ankle:

It will probably only last a couple of days, but I think the black "ink" against my fair skin should be pretty noticeable until it peels off. I think I'll save the 5-inch wide butterfly and use it as part of my Halloween costume, though.


  1. That's fun. When I was a kid we would draw them on with markers, then mist them with clear spraypaint so that they wouldn't wash off right away. We gave several parents near coronaries!

  2. This is one of the things on my list to do...not a Henna Tatoo but one of those fake ones from the vending machine!

  3. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? I'm curious as to how a large butterfly tattoo is part of it...

    I was going to get a henna tattoo on Saturday, but couldn't find the pricing and wasn't bothered enough to ask.

  4. Sydney, I have no idea what I'll be for Halloween; I just know that a big ole honkin' tattoo wouldn't be appropriate any other time!

  5. Henna tattoos are a blast! Many festivals in the summer and early fall will have a tattoo artist. I know I saw one at the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove last month.

    I also know there happens to be one out in Wentzville this weekend...at the Pirate Festival.

    I'm with you though. No thanks to the permanent versions...at least not at this point!

  6. My mind immediately went to Britney Spears. I remember a few years ago dressing up as her and K-Fed was all the rage...and I know she has quite a few tattoos...

  7. I would have loved a tattoo, but age and pain levels made me too scared.. but a henna one, now that is a different matter.. temporary.

    Just make sure to get a patch test done first though to ensure you are not going to have an allergic reaction or it may be more permanent that you think.

  8. I think Henna tattoos are really pretty. I once used one of those brown liquid eyeliner things to fake tattoo my hand. My son said it was incredibly ugly because I have really bony ugly hands. My hands do indeed look like they belong to an old frail skinny woman, but I'm far from skinny.