Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Thing #236--Towering

Today I stacked a coin tower of quarters.

To start the tower, I put three quarters on the counter so that they formed a triangle, then I put a second layer of coins on top (corkscrewing them a little bit). After that, I kept adding layers of coins; each layer was offset a little bit from the one below it. As the tower got higher, it started to lean to the side; I had to stop and straighten it out a couple of times. I was going for a spiral effect, but it didn't quite come together that way.

I repeated the process with all the quarters that were available. The final tower was 36 rows high, and used 108 quarters ($27.00)

Here's my creation:

When I was done I put all the money back in the box. As I was putting the box away, it occurred to me that if there's that many quarters it might be time to cash them in!

1 comment:

  1. I worked as a barista for a very short time [like - one month or the span of the post-season in baseball] four years ago. I am *still* using the coins that I got as tips!

    Your tower is very pretty - I would have left it. I was planning to make a bridge with nickels, but haven't gotten around to getting all the coins.