Monday, September 1, 2008

New Thing #234--Will There Be a Talent Category?

When I was at the store buying cat litter today, I saw a flyer for a Cute Pet Contest at our city's Homecoming festival next weekend. All you had to do to register was submit a picture. Everyone always says how cute our cats are, so today I entered my pets in a contest.

The City has been having "Cute Kid" contests for many years, but this is the first I've heard of the pet contest. If both contests have the same rules, people can vote for their favorite pictures by depositing money (which goes to a local charity) in a container under each picture. Whichever picture earns the most money is the winner.

Now that the kids have left the house, I think that approximately half the pictures I take are of the cats. Although they're opposed to posing for the camera, I usually try to catch them doing something cute before they decide to move. (Probably not coincidentally, I've also deleted more than my share of cat butt pictures as they sprint away.)

For the contest, I submitted a picture of the cats from a few years ago where they were curled up symmetrically on my bed. I used this picture as my computer desktop wallpaper for a while; the picture never failed to generate an "aww" from people that saw it. A short time after I sent my picture, I got an e-mail back verifying my entry; part of the body of the message said that my cats were "just precious!" Although they probably say that about all the pictures they receive, it made me feel good.

I might have to start saving my change so I can go to the contest and stuff the ballot box!


  1. My grandmas [both of them] stole me away from my parents once and entered me into a beautiful baby contest. I came in second. The baby that won - her uncle was one of the judges.

    I hope things turn out better for your kitties.

  2. Do we get to see the pictures, sounds like a good pair of cats..

  3. Sydney,I got an e-mail from the contest organizers today saying they encourage ballot box stuffing! All the money goes to an organization called Friends of Kids With Cancer. They even take checks and with advance notice will accept debit or charge cards (if someone wants a receipt for tax purposes). I'm sure that there will be people that have all their friends make donations (I won't be soliciting) so my kitties will have to rely on their natural cuteness!

    Sage, I was lazy and already used this picture (my post of August 20th)