Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Thing #249--Bangle

Today I made a bracelet out of paper and clear packing tape.

What I did:
  • I cut a strip of paper 1/2" wide and a little bit longer than my wrist. I used purple, as it's a fashionable color this season...

  • Next, I cut a piece of 2" wide clear packing tape a bit longer than the paper.

  • I centered the paper over the tape lengthwise, carefully lowered it onto the tape, then cut off the excess tape at the ends of the paper strip.

  • Then I turned the tape over and folded the tape over the back side of the paper, enclosing it.

  • I put the bracelet around my wrist, and used a small piece of tape to secure the ends together.

It looks like a wristband that I would have gotten at a concert!

If I did this again, I'd use patterned paper, or add some decorations before I taped everything up. However, the color did coordinate perfectly with the rest of my outfit...

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