Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Thing #232--Rivals

Son #1, Tony, is a University of Illinois graduate. Brian, Son #2, attends the University of Missouri. Tonight when the schools played each other in football, we watched as a family and I was able to watch a football game where I could say that "my" team won no matter what the outcome.

We turned the TV on right at kickoff time and claimed our seats. It was a very interesting game to watch. Depending on which team was doing well, one or the other side of the family room was cheering. I got to cheer for BOTH teams.

The beginning of the game was a see-saw scorewise, but at the half Mizzou was ahead 31-13. Illinois had a couple of good possessions (and one touchdown) in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Illini were down by 17 points before scoring another touchdown. The game ended with a score of Missouri 52, Illinois 41, but the final score didn't matter to me.

I can't wait till the teams play each other again next year!


  1. That will be me when the Packers play the Jets. Won't be this season though...

  2. You should plan to get tickets now to the Busch Braggin' Rights basketball game (when Illinois plays Missouri). It's always right around Christmastime (usually a few days before) and they play it in St. Louis, at Scottrade Center. It's a lot of fun, especially since it's during such a great time of the year!

  3. I can only assume it's called an Arch Rivalry due to St. Louis...? I enjoy puns.

    I have a similar experience when I watch the Yankees play the Blue Jays [although I'm more of a Yankees fan, I watch almost all the Blue Jays games as they are local and I feel sad for them]. They have been playing each other this weekend in what I'm terming the "Bum Championship of the World" - because both teams are bums [currently they are tied @ one game a piece].