Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Thing #218-How Long?

I woke up today feeling great, but as the day wore on I developed a headache and body aches, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Since I wasn't in perfect health today, it was probably ironic that I played the Longevity Game.

The introduction to the game states:

"Sneak a peek into your potential future. How long can you expect to live? We developed the Longevity Game to give you a peek into your future by identifying the factors that can lead to a healthier, more productive life."
The game consists of a series of twelve questions about your weight and body mass index, your drinking and smoking habits, use of drugs, how you handle stress, and your driving record. The Age Tabulator starts at 74, and the number goes up or down as each question is answered.

The cutest part of the game is a little avatar that's generated depending on how a question is answered. Here's mine:

According to the report card at the end of the game, I'm living a 5-star healthy lifestyle, and I should live a long life.


  1. That was fun...my little image was heavier with bunny slippers because I do NOT exercise of any sort. My age tabulator is 86 which is probably about right. My mother and paternal grandmother both lived to that age. So, another 30 years to wreak havoc!

    Hey, how'd you get your cute picture into your blog. I was unable to copy mine but I could print it.

  2. To get my picture in the post:
    --I did a Print Screen
    --Pasted it into Word
    --Cropped everything else out
    --Copied and pasted it into Paint
    --Saved it as a JPEG file

  3. Your picture lost the number (don't know if you wanted it to show or not).

    The game told me 98, which I can well believe. My paternal grandmother is now in her early-mid 90's right now, and had a great grandmother (on my mom's side) live to 89 or 90 . But I also have a family history of alzeimer's, so who knows.

  4. You eat more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?? I think most of my answers in the game were "good", but not that one. Anyway, I got an 84, which seems reasonable. Thanks for the link, it was fun!

  5. Brian, you KNOW your mom always harassed you to eat fruit or vegetables with every meal!

    Some days it's five servings, some days a little more and some days not quite that many.