Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Thing #225--Virtual Style

In today's Post-Dispatch, they had an article about online clothes shopping. Although I buy most of my clothes in stores, I'm slowly getting more comfortable about shopping online. I have a small group of brands that I know fit me well, so if I order from them I'm comfortable not trying things on. In the article, they mentioned an online company that does what a personal shopper would do--pick the clothes that suit someone's taste and body. It sounded interesting to me, so today I created an account at myShape.com.

The first step in creating an account was to answer questions about my personal style and shopping preferences (brands I like, my dressing preferences, and types of fabrics I wear). There were a wide variety of choices, and you could check as many as applied.

Step two contained questions about my fit preferences, such as the size range I usually wear, how tight or loose I wear my clothes, what size heels I usually wear, and types of skirts and tops I like. Again, I could check as many of the options as I wanted.

The last step was to come up with my measurements. There were about two dozen different body measurements. Some I knew--height, waist, hips, chest-- and some I'd never figured out before--like armhole circumference and front of waist. Based on your measurements, proportions, and fit preferences you're given one of seven body shapes...M, Y, S, H, A, P, or E. That shape is the basis for all the clothes they recommend. I was surprised at the shape they assigned to me.

After all the questions are answered, the site shows clothes in your personal shop that should fit well and flatter your body. You can even filter the selections by color palate and price to make it even easier. The site did a good job of guessing my style preference; I would wear all the clothes they picked for me. However, many of them cost substantially more than I spend for my wardrobe pieces, so I'm not sure if I'll be anything to my shopping bag soon.

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