Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Thing #226--Super Supper

Our oldest son, "Tulsa Tony" went away to college, but came home during the summers. The second, Brian, attends classes out of town, but has chosen to work in the same city during the summers, so he hasn't really lived at home for four years. During the time they've been away, their "parentals" (Tony and I) have tried to visit occasionally. The visits always involve meals -- usually eaten at restaurants. When we were planning today's visit to see Brian it was the first time I went to a BBQ at one of my children's houses.

We decided to take the scenic route to get to Columbia, Missouri, and took Highway 100 west through Gray Summit, Washington, New Haven, and Hermann. Our first stop was the Swiss Meat & Sausage Company (in Swiss, Missouri, south of Hermann on Highway 19). They have fabulous sausages; we discovered the store several years ago and always said we should made a stop on the way to visit Brian sometime. Today was that day. We purchased several packages of sausage, a couple of pounds of bacon, and some summer sausage. After carefully putting everything in the cooler, we started driving again, this time north on 19 and west on Interstate 70. After getting off the highway, we made one more stop, at a grocery store near Brian's house, to get the rest of the things we said we'd bring for the dinner.

It was great to see Brian and his dad sharing the BBQ pit at Brian's duplex. With two cooks, the meat got done in record time! They brought in their masterpiece, added it to the other food that was set out, and everyone started eating. The group included Brian's roommate, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's mother. There wasn't a spare seat at the table! After a great dinner and dessert, we were able to move to the living room and chat. It was so much nicer than being at a restaurant!

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