Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Thing #222--Special Care

When I got out of the shower this morning, both of my cats-- Jackson and Pepper--were sleeping on my bed. They barely acknowledged me when I sat down to put on my shoes. I decided it would be fun to see how long they'd put up with it when I gave my cats a massage.

It's a sad reflection on how busy I am that I hardly ever pet the cats for extended periods of time. Most often they just get a short scratch on the head in the morning when I'm heading downstairs to start my day, or a quick cuddle as I'm filling their food bowl.

I started off the session with Jackson. First I scratched him on top of the head between his ears, then rubbed his ears. He opened one eye halfway and stared at me. Since he hadn't run away, I was encouraged.I scratched the sides of his face, below his whiskers, and under his chin. This is his absolute favorite. He closed his eyes and started purring.

I slowly massaged down the length of his back. The vet said he needed to lose a bit of weight last month, so I think I could feel his backbone a bit easier now that he's been on a diet. I rubbed his legs from the top to the bottom, and then moved on to each of his paws. He flexed them and started purring even louder!

It was very relaxing to watch Jackson enjoy his massage. However, after about five minutes he'd had enough. He slipped away from me, stood up, stretched and jumped off the bed. He sat on the floor about six feet away and started grooming himself.

But Pepper was still sleeping on the bed, so I transferred my attention to him. I basically followed the same procedure for the massage, but added a belly rub when he flopped over on his back. I swear I heard him saying "ahhhhhh" as he was purring.

Pepper decided he was finished after a couple of minutes and jumped off the bed to join his brother. I'd been dismissed; my job was through.


  1. I love your kitties! And thanks for your comment. It's totally cool for you to include me on your blogroll - I love new readers!

  2. I also have two cats...and a dog that keeps them on their toes!

    There is one thing I find totally disgusting about cats...how they can look so totally comfortable. I don't think I've ever been half as comfortable as they appear to be when they are sleeping.

    Darn cats.

  3. What a great picture of your kitties! I have one cat, Charlie, who is a fat, old, lazy thing and I adore him. He and I spend at least an hour or so snuggling each evening as I watch TV. I'd like to have more cats but hubby says no. Last night he said that if it wasn't for him stopping me, I'd be a crazy old cat lady with hundreds surrounding me. ha!

  4. Awww... your kitties are so cute :)

    I have four cats and they all love their tummies rubbed, which is supposed to be rare with cats. I guess they feel comfortable and trust us enough to let us do it.