Friday, August 8, 2008

New Thing #210--TXT

One of the biggest current technological generation gaps, I think, is whether or not you use your cell phone to send text messages. ALL of the young people I know are very proficient in texting; most of the adults in my circle do not use the feature. Today I sent my first text message.

Although I know a text message can be a quick, convenient way to communicate a short message, it annoys me. I can TALK to my family for free, since we all have the same cell phone carrier, but I have to PAY for text messages, since we've chosen not to buy a messaging package. Because I'm not proficient with using the phone's keypad to type words, it's much faster for me to leave a voice mail then laboriously type the message before I hit Send.

However, even Pope Benedict XVI is sending text messages now. It was time for me to learn. A little bit of time reading through my phone's manual told me everything I needed to know.

This was a great weekend to put my newly-learned texting skills to use. Debbie, a high school friend, and I flew to Georgia to see a third school friend, Sydney. When we arrived at our destination, I pulled out my phone and composed a short text message to Tony letting him know I had arrived. I hit the Send button and sent it over the airwaves.


  1. I also find texting way too slow for communications since my typing skill on tiny little keys is dismal. I'd much rather call or leave a voice mail. But I don't like leaving voice mails for my husband because he never listens to them. He just calls me back and says "whaddaya want?" I tell him to listen to the dang voice mail!

  2. My KIDS are notorious for not listening to my voice mails, although they're getting better.