Saturday, April 19, 2008

New thing #99--It's Meez!

Meez, according to Wikipedia, is a social entertainment Website that allows users to create their own animated avitars or "3D I.D. graphics. Today I created a Meez that looked as much as possible like me.

This activity was interesting and mindless, a good choice for my fuzzy brain today. First you choose a gender, then you start customizing it. The Meezmaker had categories for Body Type (I picked the one the most like me, but "Curvy Carla" or "Booty Betty" would have been interesting), Face and Features, Skin Color, Nose Shape, Hairstyle, and Beauty (Beauty Marks, Face Paint, and Makeup).

Once you have the basic Meez, you get to pick clothes--organized by category to make it easy to pick your "look", shoes, and accessories. (Again, I picked clothes I would actually wear, but I could have tricked myself out in branded clothes, evening wear, goth or princess outfits). The last step is to pick a background for your figure to stand in front of. If you want, you can also add animations.

I chose to use free items, but you can also purchase premium items. Each account comes with 2,500 "coinz" that you use to pay for things. If you need to buy more, they'll be happy to take your payment information.

Once you're satisfied with your Meez, you save it. It even gives you the code if you want to publish it. Check out my Meez in the right sidebar!

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  1. I liked the Meez idea so much that I created one too!