Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Thing #88--New Territory

We've lived in the West County area for more than 20 years; I think I know the area well. However, today I drove through a neighborhood that was new to me.

The neighborhood is actually an apartment complex called Orchard Village. It's always been there, but I've never had a reason to go in. It looks nice as you're tooling down Manchester Road-lots of green space, with some big pine trees buffering the complex from the traffic noises and congestion. If you look quickly, you can see a couple of buildings as you're driving by.

However, the complex was much larger than you can see from Manchester. If you drive through the first parking lot, and then over a bridge, there were dozens of other buildings! There were several different building sizes, and one-story and two-story units. Here's a picture from the complex Website:

I saw several pools (closed, of course), a tennis court, a playground for the kiddies, and a pond with a gazebo (another picture copied from the Website):

If I needed to move into an apartment neighborhood, this is certainly one I'd look into!

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