Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Thing #86--A Bed of Roses

Tony and I were listening to A Prairie Home Companion as we were driving to church last night. The host, Garrison Keillor, announced they were having a contest called the Bed of Roses Love Sonnet Contest, which inspired today's New Thing. I collaborated, and submitted a love poem in a contest.

I haven't written poetry since college, and even then wasn't very good. However, that didn't keep me from grabbing a notebook and two pens. I put the notebook on the couch between Tony and me, so he could also write if the inspiration struck him. Although the rules of the contest said only that the poem had to be 14 lines long and about "love", our model was the English Sonnet -- it has the rhyme scheme a-b-a-b / c-d-c-d / e-f-e-f / g-g.

It took us about an hour to come up with the finished product; I submitted it on the show's Website. With classic lines like
I love you, my dear
All is well when you're here.

I'm sure we won't be winning the prize (a mattress and three dozen roses- a bed of roses!) but it was a fun activity to do.


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