Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Thing #89--Scented Comfort

I hurt my shoulder playing Dodgeball a couple of months ago. After several visits to the chiropractor it felt much better. However, I've had a couple of twinges of pain this week when I moved my shoulder; last night I woke up in the middle of the night with sore shoulder and arm muscles.

I decided another trip to the chiropractor was in order today. After a thorough adjustment, my shoulder felt a little better. The doctor also prescribed some exercises, and suggested that heat would help. Instead of pulling out my normal heating pad, I used a lavender and chamomile anti-stress comfort wrap.

My cat Pepper was really interested in the wrap when it was sitting on my desk. He tried to pick it up in his mouth and carry it away, but it was way too heavy for him. The wrap was long and skinny and had a terry-cloth cover with ribbon handles at each end. It felt like it was filled with rice. It was probably designed to drape around my neck, but I heated it in the microwave, folded it in half, slung it over my shoulder, and held on to the handles to keep it in place.

It worked great, and stayed hot for a long time, but I was disappointed that it didn't smell more like lavender and chamomile.

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