Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Thing #83--Think You're So Smart?

If I lived in Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegone, where "all of the children are above average", I'd fit right in. I got pretty good grades in school, but it was more about putting in a lot of studying time than innately knowing information. As a result of a conversation with several acquaintances last week, today I took an online IQ test.

When you Google "IQ tests", there are 983,000 results. I tried to narrow that down by searching for "Mensa tests" (not that I think I'm that smart, but it was a good point of reference); that gave me 652,000 results. I clicked on the first link and started my adventure.

Actually, I took two tests. I didn't trust the results of the first test--I think the result was quite inflated! This site actually gave the embed code so you could post the results to a blog so all your friends would think you were smart, too. The second test gave me a number that was probably more in line with reality.

Both tests had the same types of questions, and in some cases the VERY same ones. There were pattern recognition questions, word games, and some questions that reminded me of the dreaded word problems from Algebra.

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