Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Thing #104--Chapstick Crazy

I've been keeping my lips moistened with some type of balm for many years. I always have a tube in my purse, one in the kitchen, and one in my bedside table. It doesn't really matter what brand or flavor it is, as long as it goes on smooth and keeps my lips from drying out. Today I experimented, and made my own cocoa lip balm.

The directions, as posted on wikiHow, were pretty easy. I melted some Vaseline in the microwave, added a bit of cocoa powder, and let the mixture cool. The resulting balm, poured into a small plastic container, was a dark brown color. It smelled faintly of chocolate, and actually added a brown tint to my lips. If I did this again I would put a little less cocoa in; I suspect the color wouldn't be as noticeable.

Check this out for another perspective on lip balm:

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  1. I am going to try this as I use the palmer's cocoa butter formula lip stick so will be interesting to do a comparison.