Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Thing #97--The Color Purple

I'm a real minimalist when it comes to my hair. I wash it, let it dry naturally, then pull the top area up and secure it in the back with a barrette. Styling time...less than five minutes. Today, though, in an effort to change things up I used wash-out hair highlighter to accent the top section of my hair.

I actually wanted to dye my whole head temporarily, but all I could find at the beauty supply store were permanent and semi-permanent options. I did NOT want to have to wash my hair multiple times to remove the dye, so I purchased a magenta hair highlighter that looked like a tube of mascara. It promised me on the label it would shampoo out easily.

I allowed 30 minutes to complete my new hair adventure, which almost wasn't enough. The directions said to hold a section of hair and apply the highlighter from the root to the end, then brush through the hair to even out the finish. However, since my hair is fairly long, a lot of the time I seemed to end up with a blob of highlighter near the root of my hair, and hardly any near to the tip. First the color looked too light; I added another layer of highlighter, but then it was WAY too dark! I stuck my head under the bathtub faucet to wash out some of the excess, cleaned out the tub, threw the pink-tinged towel in the laundry, and left the house with damp hair. Every time I touched my hair. my fingers came away slightly pink.

After I set up for the day at Quest, I went outside to let my hair dry in the breeze. By time the first student arrived, my hair was dry, and I was able to pull the top back. I was amazed when only some of my students noticed (and commented on) my new color! I had to go to the grocery store after work. Several people gave me a funny look, but only the cashier at the register next to the one I used asked me about it.

This picture doesn't really capture the intensity of the color:

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  1. Your hair looks like some of my student's so you are very up to date. As for color coming off, I know how that goes. I use a really red shampoo and it stains my white shower walls. I have to use this heavyduty shower cleaner every time so I don't end up with a pink shower. My hair color, when first done, gets on the pillow case too. My husband, who makes the bed, makes sure to give me the same pillow case each time.