Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Thing #102-- No Idolatry

When I told some friends what my Thing was for today, their jaws dropped. They couldn't believe I've never watched the mother of all reality shows. Since I've never done it before, tonight I watched, and voted on, American Idol.

I think you're either a huge fan of the show--you never miss an episode--or you don't understand what all the fuss is about. I'd put myself in the latter category. I'm not a fan of pop music in general. Other than a couple of local singers that have made it to Hollywood on the show, I probably couldn't tell you more than a couple of names of people that have been on it. I've never gone out of my way to listen to music recorded by any Idol contestant.

It was a challenge even getting started on this Thing. I NEVER watch TV shows that come on at 7:00, because I'm usually still finishing up dinner. I had to arrange my whole night around being in the family room, remote in hand, when the show started. I tried to talk Donald into watching with me, but he respectfully declined.

I know the basic format of the show after attending a couple Idol-inspired karaoke contests
. Tonight featured the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, so Sir Andrew was shown mentoring each of the contestants on their selections. I knew about half of the songs that were sung. Most of the performers did a good job, although I really enjoyed the snippets of the songs I recognized. The thing I really noticed, though, was that this show has A LOT of commercials! I grabbed a rag and started dusting the family room during the first break. By the time the show was over, the entire main floor of my house was dust-free, and I'd removed the cat hair from all the couches and chairs.

I voted for my favorite performance at the end of the hour, so I may even pay attention tomorrow when they announce the results.


  1. Ooh, I really like the concept of your blog! It's very nifty.

    I actually started my blog on my past birthday and was going to make one green change for each year I'd been alive...but quickly found out there weren't enough big changes and far too many little ones for that to really work. So now it's just a random green blog.

    And I've actually never watched American Idol before either. :)

  2. ...though I think I might have almost enjoyed an entirely Webber-based episode!