Monday, December 1, 2008

New Thing #325--Otherwise Known As Braces

I got out a bag of Christmas clothes yesterday, and I found a pair of suspenders I'd somehow acquired a couple of years ago. They were adjustable, one-size-fits-all red elastic with Santa heads running down the length. I don't recall ever using them, but I did today when I wore suspenders.

I clipped the suspenders to my pants in the front and the back. My shirt needed to be tucked in, which was a problem after too much Thanksgiving! Thank goodness for stretch denim.

I didn't even have to unhook them when I used the rest room; I was able to slip them off my shoulders and pull them back up when I was finished.


  1. You are quite into the season, aren't you? I wore a jacket today with Christmas appliques. If I don't start wearing my holiday clothes, the time runs out before the clothes do.

  2. When the kids were in elementary school I wore more Christmas things than I do now...last year I hardly wore any.

  3. Cool braces, that's what we brits call them, suspenders being used to hold up stockings...

    I use red braces to hold up my motorbike trousers as otherwise they are prone to falling down towards my knees...

  4. I feel like the only person who wears suspenders these days is Larry King [and for him I'm convinced they are actually a complex system designed to actually keep his body from falling apart due to decrepit-tude]. Personally, I think they are very cool and add a lot of flare. Unfortunately, the only ones I have are from when I was in band in eighth grade. The good news is that I still have the matching blue silk bowtie!

    As for xmas apparel - I just bought four pairs of xmas socks yesterday! I love socks...