Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Thing #328--It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I was getting out the boxes of Christmas things this morning. There's one huge cardboard box that contains the tree, and quite a few plastic tubs that contain decorations, lights, and ornaments. Tucked way in the back of the closet is one box that has older things (most of which the boys made in preschool and elementary school) that I can't bring myself to get rid of, but that we don't use any more.

Because I didn't want to tackle the decorating job by myself, I opened this last box and took a trip down memory lane. There were an assortment of hand-made Advent wreaths, sock dolls, and pine-cone ornaments. However, one thing really caught my eye; it was a Christmas door hanger made with manila rope, red ribbon, and jingle bells. The rope was braided together and tied with knots on each end. I decided that this hanger would see duty this season; I went out to the garage and put a Christmas decoration on my car.

I draped the rope over the driver's side mirror, and secured it with some green garden twine. The extra color made it look even more festive:

As I was driving around today, I could see the rope clearly every time I looked in the mirror. Since the window was closed, I couldn't hear if the bells were making a noise, but they definitely jingled each time I opened and closed the door!

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  1. I finally threw out a box of paper ornaments Jen made when in elementary school. I have to start cleaning out decorations if we are going to move in a couple of years. Last year I gave away a wreath and one of those stuffed trees from the 70s. This year I took a whole box of moose and snowmen to school for the display case.