Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Thing #326--Fragrance

I have a problem with perfumes. When I'm close to someone who's drenched in scent I get a headache and feel wheezy. It even bothers me when the scent is on my own body; consequently, I don't wear fragrances. However, today I used the "cook's perfume" when I wore vanilla extract.

I love the taste and scent of vanilla, and usually add a dash in sweet dishes, even when the recipe doesn't specifically call for it. As I was cooking today, I wondered what would happen if I used the extract as a fragrance.

According to the label, my pure vanilla extract contained water, alcohol, and vanilla bean extract. I took the cap off the bottle and dabbed a bit of it behind my ears and on my wrists. At first there was no noticeable scent, but when I used a second dab, it smelled wonderful! A couple of times during the day I thought I smelled something baking, then I realized IT WAS ME!


  1. There is really only one perfume I like on my wife - "Opium."

    I bet vanilla is nice, thought, too! I wonder how many of the commercial perfumes have vanilla in them...I'll be quite a few.

  2. I too love vanilla, and the chocolate christmas cake got it's obligatory slurp as well... just a lovely taste, flavour and scent..

  3. It's funny because while I'm prone to migraine, I love strongly scented fragrance [things that are unscented I find highly suspicious]. However, it doesn't wear well on me - I never smell good or bad or of anything - I could bathe in cologne, wouldn't matter. However, I've never thought of wearing one of my essential oils [I have peppermint and vanilla].

  4. I very rarely wear perfume either...I get migraines very easily and they can be started by smells. This morning I felt good and sprayed just a bit of a very mild perfume on, and then went downstairs. Jake immediately asked, "What's that stinky smell?" guess he doesn't like perfume either! :) I love vanilla!!

  5. I can't wear scent or be near anyone who wears it. It gives me a terrible headache and makes my heart beat fast and I get dizzy. Too bad, because I like the way some perfumes smell. It's just that my body rebels against scent.