Friday, December 5, 2008

New Thing #329--Beautify

I was shopping at the mall today. After I finished the things I had to do, I decided to do something I've always thought about doing. I made myself up using samples from cosmetics stores.

My "makeup" consists of sunscreen, mascara, and Chapstick. I haven't worn foundation, blush, eye color, or lipstick in several years. Cosmetic counters at department stores intimidate me, but I felt brave today. The store I picked sells nothing but cosmetics, and is known for having a lot of products (from different companies) on display, so you can try everything.

I stepped into the store, and was immediately greeted by a salesperson. After we exchanged pleasantries, I started looking at the foundations. As soon as my hand touched one, she was ready with a applicator. She squirted out a dab, rubbed it on my jawbone, and said it looked "great". I'm sure she had visions of ringing up the sale, but I couldn't see the part of my face she'd covered, so I asked for a little bit more to put on a visible area. She didn't hesitate, and gave me so much I was able to apply it to the rest of my face.

When I was done, I told her I needed to walk around for a while to see if the foundation worked well on my skin. As I was leaving the store, my skin felt oily and greasy. This foundation was certainly not for me! At the next store I went into, I was pleasantly surprised to see a self-serve makeup counter near the entrance. I used a few swipes of blush to complete my look.

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  1. I wear makeup almost everyday [if I'm going out, I wear makeup - though not if only to Zellers or the grocery store - I have to be going further "out" than that - this is an improvement]. I can't feel confident without it. I applaud those that do.