Monday, December 8, 2008

New Thing #332--Slumber

I've been waiting all year to do this one since I read about it on In The New, the original new thing-a-day blog. Today I took a nap next to the Christmas tree.

We put the tree up in the living room yesterday. Although it's still missing some decorations (each of the boys has a box of ornaments they'll put on the tree as they arrive in town), it looks very nice.

I came home from work feeling like I really needed a power nap before I moved on to the evening's activities. When I nap, I curl up on the couch, snooze for fifteen minutes, and wake up feeling refreshed. Tonight, the soft carpet on the floor in front of the tree beckoned me to lay down and enjoy the glow of the lights, so I just slept in a different place!

I used a pillow from the couch, and spread a soft polar fleece blanket over my body. It didn't take long to doze off. I woke up right on schedule, put the pillow and blanket away, and started to get ready for dinner.


  1. One of my favorite childhood memories is of falling asleep on the family room floor, covered by a blanket and using one of the large couch cushions as a pillow. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. 15 minutes and you are refreshed? I need more like two hours at least!

  3. Susanisk, you're welcome!

    Buns Life, when my boys were young (early elementary school) I gave them an hour of TV time after school. I'd often sleep on the couch while they watched, and I trained my body to wake up after a short period of time.

  4. I've thought about doing this one!

  5. I am a terrible napper and I've tried to train myself to do better. Luckily I get by on very little sleep each night. I'm also allergic to Christmas trees - is yours real?

  6. We've had an artificial tree for years. I don't think I would be good about remembering to water a real one.

  7. I need at least 2 hours when I nap or I am very very cranky.

    Pretty tree.

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