Friday, May 23, 2008

New Thing #133--Garden Gratitude

Driving in my car today, I noticed a house with absolutely gorgeous landscaping. There was a mixture of purple and red flowers in bloom all across the front of the yard. When I passed the house a second time on my way back home, I was struck by the stunning display again. I decided that the beauty of the yard needed to be commended, so today I wrote a note to thank a stranger for their garden.

I repurposed part of a thank-you card to write my note. I cut off the front of the card (which had drawings of daisies in pink and yellow), and used the front like a postcard. I jotted my message on the back of the card, slid the card in my pocket, and was ready to go.

The house was only about a mile from me, so I decided to walk. I usually use the sidewalk on the east side of the street, but today I walked on the west side because that's the side the house was on. It was interesting to see all the houses that I never really notice as I walked by them.

When I reached my target house, I was surprised at the variety of plants--there were many more than I noticed from the car. I saw spirea, lambs ear, red yarrow, red roses, purple salvia, and another purple flower I didn't know. Everything was in perfect bloom, and I didn't see a weed anywhere in the garden. My plan was to put my note in the mailbox and leave, but much to my surprise this house didn't have a mailbox out by the sidewalk! I walked up to the front door and slipped my note in between the storm door and the front door.

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