Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Thing #111--Newsworthy

We're lucky to have a wide variety of news sources in the St. Louis area. In addition to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, there are many free newspapers and magazines available. I pick up some of them on a regular basis--The Riverfront Times (mainly for the Entertainment and Music sections), The Healthy Planet (for green news), and Sauce Magazne (food and restaurant news) are the ones I read most. However, I know there are many more out there. Today I gathered, and read, some free newspapers.

The rack at the grocery store had a variety of publications to choose from; I picked up the St. Louis Small Business Monthly (since I run my own business), the Prime Life Circuit (for active people 50 and older--I'm almost there!), and The St. Louis American (focusing on the African-American community--to get a different perspective).

I run a small business, but I found out it's much smaller than the target audience for the Small Business Monthly! I have no employees, no board of directors, and no need for a bank loan to expand my business. However, some of their columns were very interesting; one actually had some great food for thought about honesty in the workplace and in your daily life.

I don't think I'm really ready for Prime Life Circuit, either. They had a pull-out Retirement Living Guide, with a large list of retirement centers. Maybe I'll have to revisit this newspaper in a couple of decades!

The St. Louis American is a weekly newspaper that had all the sections I'm used to seeing- news, editorial, business, sports, and "lifestyle". There were even small classified and religion sections. Although I was familiar with some of the basic facts in some of the stories, the emphasis was certainly on the African American community. I think out of the three newspapers, I learned the most from this one.

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  1. Isn't it crazy that the general accepted idea of "small business" is so big? I run my own very small business too (part-time). While I'd love to make it profitable enough to quit my day job, I'd consider it too big for my tastes if it got big enough that I needed to hire even one other person, much less have a board of directors!