Monday, May 19, 2008

New Thing #129--Minty Fresh?

Gotta hand it to the folks at wikiHow...they come up with ideas that I never would think of in a million years. Thanks to today's random article I Checked to See if My Breath Smelled Bad.

The article had four different ways to check--the wrist method, mouth cover method, cheek pulling method, and an alternative method. I chose the wrist method. I licked the back of my wrist and waited 5 seconds, then smelled the back of my wrist. I didn't smell anything, which meant my breath smelled fine. (according to the article, if I smelled something bad then my breath smelled bad, and if I smelled a minty smell I had just brushed your teeth.)

I decided to test the theory again after I had eaten some leftover General Tso's tofu for lunch. After I was done eating, I certainly felt like my mouth and teeth weren't fresh...I licked my wrist, waited, and didn't smell anything! For the second course of my meal, I tossed some broccoli florets and carrot pieces in balsamic vinegar, ate them and tested again. My wrist was starting to feel a little damp from all the licking.

I was surprised to notice that there was a definite smell of broccoli on my wrist. I went upstairs and brushed my teeth like I do everyday after lunch, so the smell didn't last too long.

There was a warning attached to the article: People may think you're weird if you lick the back of your wrist, so either do that in private or use the other way to check if your breath smells bad. I'll certainly remember that one!

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