Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Thing #130--Flower Power

Right now I only have boys at my tutoring center. It's been my experience that adolescent boys adorn their personal areas by leaving all their stuff lying around. They really don't have an appreciation for things that lend decorating ambiance to a room. I decided to change that today when I brought a vase of flowers to use as a table centerpiece.

Putting together the arrangement was easy. I went out to my back yard and cut some iris blooms that were perfectly opened. For greenery, I used some of my neighbor's burning bush that's growing into my backyard through a hole in their fence. I arranged everything in a vase, and carefully transported it in the cup holder in my car.

When I got to work, I put the vase in the middle of the table. It really classed the room up. A couple of minutes later someone came in to get something out of the closet, and asked if I was getting ready for a function.

Were my efforts worthwhile? During our 3 1/2 hour session, not one person commented on the flowers! The arrangement made me happy, though.

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