Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Thing #361--Doggie Depiction

Have you ever seen one of those images made out of text or patterns? I did that today when I made a picture out of text using Word.

Once again, I turned to wikiHow for my inspiration. The process was very easy. After I found a picture (I used clip art), I drew a text box around it, then made the box transparent so the graphic showed through. The next step was to completely fill the text box with small-font size letters. I used the word "dog" repeated over and over. After I typed the first row, I was able to copy and paste the subsequent rows.

Once the typing was completed, I went back and changed the text color; brown for the dog, and white for the background (which made it disappear). The most challenging part was deciding what color to make a letter when only part of it fell into the dog's outline.

When the project was done, I used the Zoom command to make my graphic fill up the whole monitor screen. It looked pretty good!


  1. that is really cool!

  2. I am really impressed with that Kathy, it is fantastic.. those wiki-how pages are a feast of information..

    Happy New Year to you and your family... sorry it is so belated