Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Thing #163--Dream House

I live in a very nice area of St. Louis County, in a great house in a nice neighborhood, and I have no desire to have anything bigger or fancier. However, today Tony and I decided to see how the other half lives, and we toured a multi-million dollar house.

Several neighborhoods in the metropolitan area have very expensive real estate. Tony and I decided to visit one, Town and Country, that's slightly to the east of us. I found a list of Open Houses in the newspaper, and we selected our target house. We arrived a bit too early-the house wasn't open yet-so we doubled back to the main road and followed a sign to another Open House. This one, while nice, was "only" $999,000. I wanted to see what you got if you had significant money to spend on a house. We drove back to our target house and went inside.

WOW! The house was listed at a little more than 2 million dollars, and was probably worth every penny. It was almost 40 years old, but was immaculate. The house sat on a 1.5 acre lot, was 8,800 square feet, and had 19 rooms, 5 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms. You could fit several of my current house in this house's footprint. I'd need a map just to navigate its three stories!

In addition to the tricked-out kitchen, bedrooms, baths, and closets you'd expect of a house in this price range, there was a game room on the main level that was big enough for a pool table, a lower level with a media room, and an outdoor area that had a fireplace, a pool (including a spa with a waterfall), and a shuffleboard court.

The agent showing the house was really nice, and didn't seem to mind that we weren't serious buyers. My next house is going to be SMALLER, not larger, but it was worth taking the time to check this one out.


  1. I know I have often thought what would I do with a large sum of money and your mind always goes to well perhaps a larger house.. and then reality sets in.. you don't need the space unless you plan on running a hotel.. I like my house, just would update it a bit and have more storage and the only luxury I would like is an outdoor hot tub..

    Love these stories, keep them up.

  2. I always wonder about houses that have more bathrooms then bedrooms. Did you get to see the people who are selling the house? Maybe they have extremely small bladders and had the extra bathrooms made just in case of an emergency!

  3. Brian, this house had a powder room and a bathroom for EVERY bedroom. No sharing! (I bet you would have liked that?)

  4. I did some work for an AB exec that lived in a mansion in Frontenac. His house was amazing. I don't think it was as big as the one you described but it had a theater in the basement with a bar outside of that. And since it was Frontenac it was an almost 4 million dollar house....