Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Thing #145--Bittersweet

Yesterday my youngest son Donald signed a lease for an apartment. He's moving out of the house, and moving in with Matt, a friend from elementary school. When I woke up this morning in an empty house I realized that I'm an empty nester!

"Tulsa Tony" will be 24 next month, Brian is 22, and Donald almost 20. I've been a "mommy" for a really long time. When I observe mothers with young children, I'm always grateful that that's not me anymore. I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life.

Donald's been planning on moving for some time. However, that was with a different friend. This opportunity presented itself less than two weeks ago, and took me somewhat by surprise.
Even though he's really self-reliant, and I know he'll do just fine living on his own, it's weird knowing that he'll be residing in a different place.

Last night Donald and his dad filled his car and my CR-V with as many of his possessions as he could fit. We followed him to his new place and got the grand tour. The apartment is really spacious and backs to some nice common ground. It will look great when all their things are moved in and they get organized.

I'm sure Donald will be back several times before he's completely out of here; unlike Tony and Brian, who both live out of town, Donald will only be about 15 minutes away. He left several "essentials" in his room here (including his computer!) and told us he'd be back very soon to get them!

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  1. It can be a nice feeling, when they come back to visit (and they will do) cos you get to see them as adults and not just as your children.. next thing will be the grandchildren (hopefully not too soon tho lol).. then you will be in even more demand.

    Love that life changes constantly...