Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Thing #345--Go Elf Yourself

Today I Elfed myself.

The ElfYourself site is a cute little site from Office Max. It lets you upload up to five photos, then the people in the pictures show up dressed as elves. After the characters are created, you can have them perform a dance, choosing one of several styles. (And if you don't have enough pictures to upload, the program will substitute "real" elves!)

Here's me as an elf doing my best Saturday Night Live imitation:

The biggest problem is that although you can embed a video, it's only available for about three weeks. If you want to have it for a longer period, you have to pay for the privilege of downloading it to your hard drive.


  1. That is so funny to do, and even better when you upload all the elves with different pictures of yourself, like the 7 dwarfs....

    Have a great christmas, can't believe this year is going so fast.

  2. They did this at our Church as a Holiday greeting from the teaching team. It was really funny!