Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Thing #359--Noteworthy

I volunteered to help Tony wrap up a project at church tonight. He had to remove some things from the ends of each of the pews, organize them, and return them to the proper place. The church is a short drive from our house, so we left shortly before we thought the lass Mass would be finished.

However, when we got there we found out that the Mass, which is in Spanish, was only about halfway through. We took a seat in the back; as the remainder of the celebration unfolded I got to hear Christmas carols sung in Spanish.

I love traditional carols. Although they've been played on the radio since before Thanksgiving, in the Catholic church they only get sung between Christmas and Epiphany (a twelve day period, which is where the title of the song "Twelve Days of Christmas" comes from). It's always a treat to sing and hear them in a reverent setting every year.

Even though tonight the carol's language was unfamiliar, the tunes were still the same. The choir sang We Three Kings and Angels We Have Heard on High; one of the women had a mesmerizing alto voice that harmonized beautifully with the others.

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  1. How beautiful - sometimes I think other languages are so much prettier than english :) We went to the children's service over Christmas and hearing their sweet little voices sing carols was just divine.