Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Didn't I Think Of That? (2014)

Over the past seven years I've gathered a large collection of blogs in an RSS reader. Some of them post on a regular basis, and others stretch it out between posts.  A few really stretch it out!  The other day I was ecstatic to see a new post from Jenmac of In The New (the original Thing A Day blogger and the inspiration for this project), giving an update of some of the New Things she's been up to in the past two years.

Her post got me thinking....it's been FIVE years since I've written here.  I'd hate for someone to hijack my site since it's so dated.  I think I do a good job of chronicling things on my new blog, but I decided to make a list of the novel things I've accomplished over the past year.  In 20104 I:
  • Got my face airbrush painted
  • Learned how to use Microsoft Paint to make slides to display on a video monitor
  • Made polenta for the first time
  • Scanned wrapping paper to make a matching gift tag for a present
  • Went to a beautician and gave her total control over how to cut my hair
  • Got voluntarily bumped from an airplane flight
  • Cooked with redbud flowers 
  • Made my own stevia sweetener from plant leaves
  • Did Mystery Shopping assignments
  • Voted an absentee ballot at the Board of Election Commissioners office
  • Participated in a midnight bike ride
  • Attended a hula hooping fitness class
  • Learned how to send a fax to a foreign country
  • Met with a financial advisor to start thinking about retirement
It was satisfying (and surprising) to see all my new accomplishments in one place.  Because the activity was so gratifying, I'm going to go back through the new blog archives and pull out the highlights from every year.  Look for more posts in the next few days, slid in between this post and 'The End".