Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Unprecedented Undertakings 2012

The year found me making a salad with dandelion leaves from my yard, a savory smoothie, corn tortillas from masa, and sauerkraut from shredded cabbage for the first time. 

In town, I attended a St. Louis University Billikens basketball game, found my way through a corn maze,  took a basic bike maintenance class, and worked at a mall on Black Friday.  I joined a food co-op, celebrated Valentine's Day at White Castle (a fast food restaurant), and ate a restaurant while they were filming a TV show.  Out of town, I went to the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, and completed a 10k race in Columbia.  A springtime cruise also provided the opportunity to visit several new Caribbean ports. 

I started doing the daily newspaper crossword puzzles, resized a king-sized comforter and shams to fit my bed and pillows, got an orchid plant to rebloom, and purchased my own shirt back from a resale shop.

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