Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best Of 2009

My unique activities for the year:  

  • Made ground beef jerky
  • Applied to be an extra in a movie

    • February
    • Got a potted azalea to rebloom
    • Took a screening test to be a census worker
    • Watched a pet parade
    • Had a Mass offered in my name

      • March
      • Attended a job fair
      • Filled out a NCAA basketball tournament bracket
      • Cooked steel cut oats
      • Took a job as a census enumerator

        • April
        • Learned how to geocache
        • Grew a pineapple plant from a fruit crown
        • Activated an online bank account

          • May
          • Had my hand scanned so it could unlock a door
          • Ate an aprium
          • Took a milk and honey bath

            • June
            • Took a kickboxing class at the gym
            • Baked with vital wheat gluten
            • Sent a divorce card to a friend
            • Made root beer from concentrate

              • July
              • Bought a temporary-use pay as you go phone
              • Made watermelon pickles
              • Attended a Gospel Mass

                • August
                • Had a nail salon manicure and pedicure
                • Dried tomatoes in a dehydrator

                  • September
                  • Registered for the chance to buy baseball postseason tickets
                  • Visited the AKA Dog Museum

                    • October
                    • Ate seitan 
                    • Had dinner by myself at a fancy restaurant

                      • November
                      • Went to a Day of the Dead observance
                      • Used a neti pot

                        • December
                        • Walked on an interstate highway before it was opened for traffic